Your Town Is Full Of THIEVES

Undead rising

During their journey, Steen is violently wakened by a disturbing dream. In the dream he sees a raven holding a sickle while perched in a wheat field. Before the raven can begin to harvest, a scarecrow with a skull head and flaming blue eyes begins to harvest the wheat. Next, the dream moves back to the games at the festival. Steen sees the explosion and he and his friends’ petrification but instead of water and gas flowing into the stadium he sees wheat. The scarecrow is there again riding a wave of wheat. He smashes a statue of the wizard who petrified everybody. Then the wheat turns into maggots which try to each the rest of the petrified group. Lastly, the dream shows a raven flying above Steen and his friends asleep in their camp. The raven lands on Steen’s armor and starts trying to desperately put it on.

Following the dream, Steen woke up started putting on his armor while yelling at everyone else to rise. Nearly right after everyone readies themselves, a large group of undead creatures attack. After a long battle, the undead are destroyed.


Here is the exact dream Steen had. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing the exact text.

You are viewing a field of beautiful golden wheat, ready for harvest. Snow is falling from a clear sky, and the temperature is very pleasant. In the field is a raven with a scythe ready to harvest the wheat. In a flash, the wheat is cut, bundled and cured, ready to take to the threshing floor. At that moment, the scarecrow jumps down and gathers all of the bundles. The scarecrow makes you feel very uneasy and afraid. His head has turned into a skull with a faint blue glow in the sockets. The raven is left empty handed. The scarecrow shoos the raven away.

From above, you are viewing the arena on the day you were petrified. The smells, sights, and sounds are exactly as they were that day. At the end of the fight with your new-found friends there is a great noise, earthquake, and smoke to the east. You know what’s coming. You see a great rush of water coming over the wall of the arena. A wizard comes from the judges box and casts a spell and you see you and your friends turned into stone. Suddenly, the water turns to wheat. At the head of this wave of wheat is a scarecrow. He steps on and crushes the statue of the wizard. At that moment the wheat turns into weevils just before covering everyone. The weevils are desperately trying to eat the statues.

A raven fills your entire view and it screams with a great sense of urgency. You now see your camp as it is. The raven is jumping up and down on your body, trying to put your armor on and arm you. It seems almost desparate.

You awake feeling very anxious. Your mouth is very dry and you are sweating. You have a great desire to put your armor on.

Undead rising

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