Steen is a goliath warden


Steen, like all other goliaths, is big, bald, has dark gray skin, and is covered with dark brown skin patches that look like some natural tattoo.


For most of Steen’s life he’s isolated himself or others have isolated themselves from him. He never knew his parents and has no family. He was foundling. If it wasn’t for Rothnell, a Watcher of the Raven Queen, Steen would have died to the beasts of the wild.

He grew as a student, friend, and surrogate son of Rothnell in the Raven Queen’s Granite Mountain Sanctuary. Life was tough for the young Goliath. At an early age he was picked on by the other children because he was a goliath and therefore different.

As resident of the sanctuary, Steen was taught in ways goddess of death and fate. At an early age, he even started manifesting a peculiar talent. He will receive some sort of sign in the form of a raven or crow when the Raven Queen comes to collect the dead. Whether it’s in the waking world or in a dream, the sight of a raven tells Steen someone will die. The visions are never specific though, he doesn’t know who will die, how they will die, or when they will die. He just knows that someone nearby will be dead by the end of the day.

Aside from his religious studies, Steen spent much of his time among the wilderness of Granite Mountain range. It was here we learned his skills as a warden from the land and earth. Nature he found to be an even demanding teacher than Rothnell and the other Raven Queen priests but the earth and the tree were more patient. So much to Rothnell’s disappointment, Steen didn’t become an initiate and fully devout himself to the Raven Queen.

Despite his lack of zealotry to the Goddess, Steen stayed at the sanctuary and with Rotnell for twenty years and was eventually accepted and respected by the residents. Tragedy occurred during the summer of his twentieth year. Upon returning to the sanctuary after a solo three day trip into the mountains to collect blossoms from Mountain Blue Bells, Steen found the monastery destroyed and bodies everywhere. Undead bodies, obviously minions of Orcus the Demon Prince the Raven Queen’s nemesis, intermingled with the bodies of the initiates and teachers. Rothnell was not among the carnage. Steen’s only clue was a magic rune, he nearly missed, placed on the trunk in his room. It was message from Rothnell.

“I must leave. Our Queen has finally deemed it time for us to part company. If I live, maybe she will grace us to see each other again. If not, then it is her will. Leave this place and head to the south. I am known there and you will find friends among a family of halfings. The patriarch of the family an old trustworthy ally. Tell him and only him what happened here.” Since that time, Steen has been with Rothnell’s friends. They’ve even become his friends. He’s been doing some adventuring with them but he is always listening for word on the whereabouts of his teacher or the Orcus cult.


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