Your Town Is Full Of THIEVES

Dragons on ice

The heroes reach Charrad Folderman and seek his assistance regarding their mysterious illness. He agrees to help but informs them it will take time. Meanwhile the adventurers offer to help him out by removing a small white dragon that recently moved into the gnome’s stables. The heroes fight the dragon but offer to spare the creature’s life in trade for a future favor. The dragon agrees and departs.

The following day, the gnome asks a favor of the heroes. Russell, the gnome’s lackey hasn’t returned from a trip to neighboring town to collect taxes. The gnome is concerned and wants the adventurers to go and investigate.

Undead rising

During their journey, Steen is violently wakened by a disturbing dream. In the dream he sees a raven holding a sickle while perched in a wheat field. Before the raven can begin to harvest, a scarecrow with a skull head and flaming blue eyes begins to harvest the wheat. Next, the dream moves back to the games at the festival. Steen sees the explosion and he and his friends’ petrification but instead of water and gas flowing into the stadium he sees wheat. The scarecrow is there again riding a wave of wheat. He smashes a statue of the wizard who petrified everybody. Then the wheat turns into maggots which try to each the rest of the petrified group. Lastly, the dream shows a raven flying above Steen and his friends asleep in their camp. The raven lands on Steen’s armor and starts trying to desperately put it on.

Following the dream, Steen woke up started putting on his armor while yelling at everyone else to rise. Nearly right after everyone readies themselves, a large group of undead creatures attack. After a long battle, the undead are destroyed.

Odd awakening

57 years go by and our heroes are found petrified in the remains of the once great city Caprica. A pair of gnome researchers ( Erkos Finlover and Akram Finlover ) revive and befriend them. The destruction of the dam and the city are still a mystery but our adventures have a new concern. All of them are dealing with some sort of poison or reaction to the petrifaction and odd gas they inhaled before the city was destroyed. The chief gnome researcher directs them to Charrad Folderman.

The festival

The adventurers first meet at a great festival in the city of Caprica to compete in the games. During the competition there was a great noise and earthquake. The dam above the city broke flooding the city. The ground opened up, releasing noxious gases. The heroes were saved by a wizard who petrified them.


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